AT6101D Gamma spectrometer for field conditions

Gamma spectrometer for field conditions
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Portable multifunction scintillation gamma spectrometer AT6101D is designed to measure specific effective activity value of natural radionuclides K-40, Ra-226, Th-232 in construction materials, raw and manufactured products, manufacturing waste and other objects of environment, as well as measurement of Cs-137 surface activity in soils and subsoils, and Cs-137 specific activity in agricultural raw materials, wooden products and construction materials.

In situ measurement are made for 2π and 4π geometries without preliminary sampling.

Detector type

Energy range

Measurement ranges (2π geometry)
- Surface activity of Cs-134 and Cs-137
- Specific effective activity of K-40, Ra-226 and Th-232

Measurement ranges (4π geometry)
- Specific activity of Cs-134 and Cs-137
- Specific effective activity of K-40, Ra-226 and Th-232

Intrinsic relative error of monitored
radionuclide concentration measurement

Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate

Sensitivity to Cs-137 gamma radiation

Typical relative energy resolution at 662 keV (Cs-137)

Integral nonlinearity

Protection rating

Internal battery run time

Working temperature range

Overall dimensions, weight

Scintillation NaI(Tl) Ø63x63 mm

40 keV – 3 MeV

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Operating principle

Detection unit in a shock-resistant, dust-and-moisture-proof container registers gamma radiation of controlled radionuclides. Spectrometric information from the detection unit is transferred into processing unit (PU) and is displayed on LCD screen.
Instrumental spectra processing algorithm allows display data in the form of specific effective activity of natural radionuclides, their concentration and specific activity of Cs-137 (or other optionally).
Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate value in inspection point is determined by instrument spectrum analysis with “spectrum-dose” operational function.

Radioactive anomalies are searched in integral count rate measurement mode.

Technical and metrological characteristics

​​4 – 3700 kBq/sq.m (0.1 – 100 Ci/

100 – 10E4 Bq/kg

50 – 10E6 Bq/kg
50 – 10E4 Bq/kg


0.01 – 100 µSv/h

≥2200 (cps/µSv)/h




​≥12 h


Ø121х477 mm, 4.0 kg (Detection unit)
110х230х38 mm, 0.8 kg (Processing unit)

The technical and metrological parameters of  the spectrometer you can find in the file of description of AT601D (pdf).

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