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Compact device designed for measurements of gamma and X-radiation ambient equivalent dose (and dose rate), as well as for measurement the flux density of beta particles from contaminated surfaces.
There is 'search mode' for measure count rate in counts per second (cps).

Device operating principle is based on the process of count rate measurement of pulses generated in Geiger-Muller counter tube under the influence of X, gamma and beta radiation.
Count rate is converted automatically into physical values. Energy compensating filter allows correcting energy dependence of sensitivity efficiently in entire energy range of photon radiation.
Microprocessor-based unit is responsible for controlling the radiation monitor operating modes, calculations, storing and displaying measurement results and for self-checking function.
To easy use during the measurements of surface contamination the monitor can be hold in the bar.

Ambient equivalent dose rate of gamma and X radiation  measurement range

Ambient equivalent dose of gamma and X radiation  measurement range

Beta particles measurement range:

 - flux density

 - surface activity

 - count rate


Intrinsic relative error of dose rate measurement in the range from 0.1 µSv/h to 10 mSv/h



X and gamma radiation energy range


Spectrum maximum energy range of registered beta



Energy dependence

- when gamma radiation dose rate is measured for Cs-137

- when beta particles flux density is measured for Sr-90+Y-90



- to Cs-137 gamma radiation

- to Sr-90+Y-90 beta radiation

Response time for dose rate measurement
(for dose rate ≥1 µSv/h)

Radiation overloading


Continuous run time

​Working temperature range

Relative humidity with air temperature ≤35°C without condensation

Protection class

Power supply

Overall dimensions


0.1 µSv/h...10 mSv/h

Technical and metrological characteristics

Products  >>  Dosimetry  >>  AT6130

The technical and metrological parameters of the dosimeter AT6130 can be download in the

file AT6130 (pdf).

0.1 µSv ... 100 mSv

​10 ... 10000 particle/min·

0.5 ... 500 Bq/

0.1 ... 10000 cps

±20% max

20 keV...3 MeV

155 keV...3.5 MeV




2.8 cps/(µSv/h)

0.36 cps/(particles/min·

​≤7s (error ≤±10%)


Radiation monitor can withstand 100-fold rise of dose rate measurement and beta particles flux density upper range limit for 5 minutes with readings not lower than maximum

​≥500 h




2 x AAA batteries (LR 03) or

2 x AAA rechargeable cells with nominal voltage 1.2 V

110x60x38 mm

0.25 kg


Small size and low weight
Automatic compensation of own background
Sound and visual alarm in case threshold level of dose, dose rate or flux density
Rapid answer for significant change of dose rate (measurement restart)
Selective measurement of beta and gamma radiation in mixed fields
Operation in harsh condition
Signals in the 'search mode' for each particle (via headphones as well)
Up to 2000 records of result in the non-volatile memory with data about measurements date and time
Indication on LED result data, current time, date and battery life
Bluetooth interface for connection with PC (optionally)

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