Liquid scintillation spectrometer - radiometer SKS-07P-B10

Liquid scintillation spectrometer
Liquid scintillation spectrometer
Software SpectraDec
Liquid scintillation spectrometer SKS-07P-B10
Software SpectraDec
Liquid scintillation spectrometer SKS-07P-B10
Software SpectraDec
Liquid scintillation spectrometer SKS-07P-B10
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Technical and metrological characteristics

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High-sensitivity spectrometric complex SKS-07P-B10  based on a liquid scintillator is intended for analytical and technological monitoring of the activity of alpha and beta-emitting radionuclides (for example, H-3, C-14, P-32, Sr90+Y90, Pu-238, Pu-241, Pu-242, etc.). The spectrometer provides a complete radioisotope analysis of alpha, beta-emitting radionuclides (with the possibility of detecting beta radiation with energies from 2 keV, high detection efficiency (~ 100% for all alpha particles and for beta particles with energy> 50 keV).

- spectrometer - radiometer SKS-07P-B10;
- set of vials 20ml;
- liquid scintillator;

- cables;

- analytical software for liquid scintillation analysis SpectraDec .

Spectrometer - radiometer SKS-07P-B10 is a device for registering pulses arising from the interaction of beta or alpha particles with a liquid scintillator.
The count rate of recorded pulses is proportional to the activity of the measured sample, pulse amplitude is proportional to the energy of the particle that caused them.
On the basis of measurements carried out identification and calculation of activity of beta-emitting or alpha radionuclides in samples.

Spectrometer - radiometer SKS-07P-B10 consists of the detection unit with two photomultiplier, coincidence circuit, preamplifier, amplifier, multichannel analyzer  and the microprocessor controller.
The signals from the both anodes of the photomultipliers are converted in the coincidence circuit and transmit to the input of the preamplifier, where it is amplified and specially formed for optimal signal / noise ratio and further it is converted into a digital code that is proportional to the absorbed energy.
The resulting data set is stored in the analyzers memory and forms the energy spectrum of the radiation - the dependence of the count of registered pulses of radiation energy.

The analytical software SpectraDec provides processing spectra and calculation activity of the radionuclides in samples.

The spectrometer provides a measurement of the energy distribution of

       - beta radiation within the energy range of:                                       1 – 3500 keV

       - alpha radiation within the energy range of:                                      3  -  10 MeV

Range of measured activity of the beta-emitting radionuclides

(U=50%, k=2):                                                                                       0,05 – 30000 Bq

Sensitivity for beta radiation of radionuclide H-3 more than:                             38%

Sensitivity for beta radiation of radionuclide C-14 more than:                            98%

Sensitivity for beta radiation of radionuclide Sr-90+Y-90 more than:                  99%

Integral nonlinearity not more:                                                                         10%

The maximum throughput:                                                                           10000 cps

The instability measurements activity within 24 hours of continuous

operation is no more than:                                                                               ±2%

Count of channels:                                                                                  512, 1024, 2048

PC interface:                                                                                                   USB

Power supply :                                                                                   110 – 240V, 50-60Hz

Dimensions (WxHxL):                                                                           470x160x430 mm

Operation temperature range  :                                                                 +10 .. +40 °C

Relative humidity:                                                                                         <70%

Power consumption:                                                                                      < 40 W

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