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About TALS Oy

The company TALS OY was established in 2015 to perform engineering works on creation of the measuring instruments of ionizing radiation and the systems for radiation monitoring.
The developing equipment is intended for using in the nuclear industry, in environmental, sanitary - epidemiologic and medical institutions, and other organizations engaged in radiation control of objects and the environment.
As part of this activity, our company has experience in manufacturing:
    - laboratory, field and submersible (downhole) spectrometers and radiometers of gamma-, beta- and alpha - radiation;
    - whole body counters (WBC) various types;
    - liquid scintillation spectrometers (LSS) and etc.
In addition to the created devices, we are ready to supply professional dosimetric equipment.
Within the rendering services the TALS Oy company performs:
    - metrological works for calibration of measuring instruments using standard reference materials (of activity, dose, dose rate), or with the use of specialized modeling software;
    - commissioning works, technical support and repair;
    - expert support on issues and tasks of ionizing radiation measurements when using spectrometry equipment;
    - creation a software for use with the developed equipment, as well as for existing customer devices;
    - testing equipment to determine and confirm their technical and metrological characteristics.
TALS Oy company engaged in scientific research activities to increase the applicability and availability of LSS in radioecological monitoring.


Our mission is the metrology development of ionizing radiation and increasing its availability using to the fullest the modern achievements of science and technology.

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