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The list of services implementing by TALS Oy

    •   The providing metrological works (procedures) for spectrometric, radiometric, and dosimetric measuring equipment (calibration, verification, tests, comparisons, measurements).


   •   The calibration spectrometers with using standard and reference sources, and also with using special software for modeling processes of interaction radiation with matters (MCC-MT).


   •  The creation and development of methods and techniques for measure activity, specific (volumetric) activity of radionuclides in samples in various conditions and geometries.


   •   The creation of new software for equipment of radiation monitoring and also writing the accompanying documentation (user manuals, descriptions, technical conditions, and etc.)


   •   The scientific expert assessment and consultation about matters relating with measurements of activity in objects of environment.


   •   The providing rental the whole body phantoms for calibration a spectrometric equipment.

   •   The arrangement of the seminars about matters of spectrometry and radiomety.

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