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All-in-one gamma spectrometer
All-in-one gamma spectrometer
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Spectrometer AirSPEC is intended for automated radiation environment monitoring, measurements of ambient air volumetric activity  and gamma-radiation ambient dose equivalent rate  nearby the filter, comprising natural and artificial gamma-radiating radionuclides detected in aerosoles of ambient air surface layer.

The spectrometer is applied in the systems of air sampling as well as radiation monitoring stations.

The spectrometer AirSPEC is a all-in-one unit which contains processing unit within the cover. Smart detection unit of the spectrometer contains scintillation detector (several type), photomultiplier tube (PMT), spectrometric tract stabilization system (LED or Am-241), HV-generator, amplifier, multichannel pulses analyzer (MCA) and temperature sensors. The spectrometer is placed into thermostabilized and damp proof housing.

Though the present measurement system is autonomous and automated, the operator thanks to the possible remote access to the spectrometer may perform the analysis of the measured spectra with application of modern and comprehensive software.

 - Spectrometer AirSPEC
 - Thermostabilized housing (TSH-L or TSH-Pro)
 - Connective cables set
 - Power supply adapter
 - Spectrometric analysis software
 - User manual for Spectrometer AirSPEC

Detector type

  AirSPEC-N76                                                                                                    NaI(Tl) Ø76x76 mm

  AirSPEC-L51                                                                                                 LaBr3(Ce) Ø51x51 mm

  AirSPEC-C51                                                                                                    CeBr3  Ø51x51 mm

  AirSPEC-S51                                                                                                   SrI2(Eu) Ø38x38 mm

The energy range of measuring distribution of gamma radiation :                                 30 to 3000 keV

Relative energy resolution on the line 661.7 keV, measuring with

radionuclide source Cs-137, %, not more than

   AirSPEC-N76                                                                                                                 8

   AirSPEC-L51                                                                                                                3.3

   AirSPEC-C51                                                                                                                4.0

   AirSPEC-S51                                                                                                                3.5

Integral nonlinearity in the gamma energy range from 40 to 3000 keV,%, 

not more then                                                                                                                 ±1%

Range of the measurements of the dose rate , µSv/h                                                   0.01 -  3000

Maximum throughput, cps, not less than                                                                        100 000

Channels quantity in the spectrum                                                                1024,2048,4096,8192,16384

Data transfer interfaces                                                                                                    Ethernet, RS-485, USB


Operation conditions in thermostabilized housing

  • Ambient air temperature

          for termostabilized housing TSH-L                                                                     -40 ÷ +40 °С

          for termostabilized housing TSH-Pro                                                                  -40 ÷ +60 °С

  • Air relative humidity                                                                                              up to 100 %

  • Atm. pressure within the range, kPа                                                                         84 ÷ 106.7

  • Intensity of magnetic fields of the permanent and variable grid frequencies                  40 А/m

Overall dimensions (standard variant AirSPEC-N76), mm :
   -  Spectrometer                                                                                                        Ø93x340
   -  Housing                                                                                                               Ø160x440

Shell protection level                                                                                                      IP68

Standard calibration data set                                                          Ra-226, Th-232, K-40, Cs-137, Co-60

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