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​Dosimeter-radiometer AT1117M as multifunctional device is intended for measuring:
    - ambient dose equivalent and ambient dose equivalent rate of X-ray, gamma and neutron radiation;
    - kerma and kerma rate in the air;
   - directional dose equivalent and directional dose equivalent rate of X-ray and gamma-radiation;
    - surface activity, flux density and fluence of alpha- and beta-particles from the contaminated surfaces;
     - neutron flux density.

Radiation monitor is equipped with different external smart probes for various applications as applicable. For operation and indication purposes either Processing unit (PU/PU2), handheld PC or desktop computer can be used.


 PU / PU 2

Smart probe sends data over dedicated communication cable to processing unit, where it is displayed on LCD screen.
PU and PU2 has recording and memory option for up to 99 measurement results, which can further be uploaded to a computer via dedicated application
Sound and visual alarm in case threshold level is exceeded for dose, dose rate, flux density, fluence and surface activity is available. Operation algorithm provides measurement continuity and real time statistical processing of measurement results. PU and PU2 units feature integrated detection modules, allowing in situ dose and dose rate measurement of gamma radiation.


 Handheld PC

Smart probe-to-Handheld PC data transfer is facilitated by Bluetooth wireless technology (utilizing interface adapter) or by cable (in environments where wireless communication is restricted). Handheld PC can be used for almost all PU/PU2 functions (there is no built-in detector inside HPC) and offers advanced features:

  • GPS-referencing of measurement results to geographical coordinates and time

  • Automatically record and store over 10,000 measurements with GPS referencing

  • Data uploading option to PC for further analysis and processing by professional GARM Software

  • Automatic and manual data transfer to a remote server.


 Desktop computer

Smart probe is linked to PC via RS232 interface.
Dedicated ATexch Software provides the following functionality:

  • Indication of measured dosimetric and radiomentric values

  • Response when measured value thresholds are exceeded

  • Writing into file and reading previously recorded measurements

  • Error indication by instrument, message analysis and display in case of error conditions

  • Multiple instances of program can be run when more then one instrument is connected to different PC ports.



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Radiation Monitor


X and gamma radiation smart probes:

- BDKG-01;

- BDKG-03;

- BDKG-04;

- BDKG-05;

- BDKG-11;

- BDKG-17;

- BDKG-24;

- BDKG-30;

- BDKR-01;

- BDPS-02.

Beta radiation smart probes:

 - BDPB-01;

 - BDPB-02;

 - BDPS-02.

Alpha radiation smart probes:

 - BDPA-01;

 - BDPA-02;

 - BDPS-02.

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