AT1123 and AT1121 Gamma and X-ray radiation dosimeters

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Mobile full featured dosimeter AT1123 and AT1121 is intended for dosimetry of gamma and X-ray radiation of several type - for continual type, for continual short-time type and for pulse type.

The main functions of the instruments are the dosimetry of X-ray and gamma radiation in wide ranges of ambient equivalent dose rate and energy.

Additional functions - detection of sources of soft and hard gamma radiation, beta emitters, measurement of pulsed and short-time radiation with an estimation of the duration of exposure.

The dosimeters automatically record the maximum value of dose rate during operation and allow to memorize 999 results in the long-term memory. These data can be transferred to the PC.

The permanent self-testing is provided during the operation.

For implementation remote measurements, a remote control panel and an external alarm device can be connected to the dosimeters.

Type of detectors

Ambient gamma and X radiation dose rate equivalent measurement range:

   - continual type

   - continual short-time type

   - pulse type  (AT1123)

Ambient gamma and X radiation dose equivalent measurement range

Energy range:

   - continual type and continual short-time type

   - pulse type  (AT1123)

Intrinsic relative measurement error :

   - continual type and continual short-time type

   - pulse type (AT1123)


Minimum duration of pulse type of radiation for pulse dose rate 1.3 Sv/s


Minimum duration of continual short-time type radiation



   to gamma radiation of Cs-137

Time of measurement of dose rate from gamma radiation of radionuclide Cs-137 with statistical error ±15% (P=0.95) for the following dose rate:

   50 – 300 nSv/h

   -  0,3 – 2 µSv/h

   -  2 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h

Burn-up life

Operation mode setup time


Power supply and continuous run time

  - Alternate or direct current mains

  - Internal battery

Protection class

Working temperature range

Overall dimensions


Scintillation plastic, Ø30x15 mm

50 nSv/h - 10 Sv/h

5 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h

0.1 µSv/h - 10 Sv/h

10 nSv - 10 Sv

15keV - 3MeV

15keV - 10MeV

±15% max

±30% max



2.4-1E6 cps∙h/µSv

≤60 s

≤10 s

≤2 s

Technical and metrological characteristics

Products  >>  Dosimetry  >>  AT1123

The technical and metrological parameters of each type of detection unit you can find in the

file of description of AT1123 (pdf).


>100 Sv


​≥24 h

≥12 h


-30°C ... +50°C

233x85x67 mm

0.9 kg


  ∙ PC connection provide creating a continuous monitoring system with documenting function

  ∙ built-in LED stabilization of the measuring tract

  ∙ severe operating conditions

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