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Alpha and beta counter


Alpha and beta counter is intended for simultaneous or separate measurement of a gross alpha and beta gross activity in various samples.

Sample counter can be used to:
  - Measure gross alpha and gross beta activity of counting samples based on special aerosol filters
  - Measure gross alpha and gross beta activity in "thick-layer" counting samples prepared from material (e.g. by evaporation, or any other method of preparing "thick-layer" sample)
  - Measure gross alpha and gross beta activity in "thin-layer" counting samples prepared from material (e.g. by electrolytic deposition)
  - Measure activity, flux density, external alpha and beta radiation for "thin" sources
  - Control radiation contamination of surfaces by a smear method


  • Instrument control and processing of measurement information is realised by external PC

  • Possibility to use custom calibration

  • Selectable units of measurement

  • LED stabilization of measurement tracts

  • Lead passive background radiation protection

  • Database of measurement for storage results

  • Methodological support of measurements


AT1329 Alpha and beta counter
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Detectors type

АТ1329 (α and β channel): 'Phoswich' detector:
Plastic 28 with ZnS(Ag) layer 28
АТ1329А (α channel): ZnS(Ag), 28
АТ1329B (β channel): Plastic, 28

Energy range

3 – 7 MeV (α channel)
155 keV – 3.5 MeV (β channel)


≥0.25 cps/Bq (to Pu-239 alpha radiation)
≥0.30 cps/Bq (to Sr-90+Y-90 beta radiation)

Limit of intrinsic relative measurement error


Measurement range of gross activity

0.01 – 10000 Bq (α channel)
0.1 – 10000 Bq (β channel)​​

Minimum measured activity for 1h of measurement time

0.02 Bq (α channel of Pu-239)
0.28 Bq (β channel of Sr-90+Y-90)

Background count rate

0.001 cps (α channel)
0.75 cps (β channel)


230х230х290 mm


21 kg (AТ1329)
9 kg (AT1329A)
21 kg (AT1329B)

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