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Portable multifunction scintillation gamma spectrometer AT6101DR is designed to measure:
   - specific activity of Cs-134 and Cs-137 radionuclides in soils and grounds;
  - specific activity of Cs-137, Cs-134, I-131 radionuclides in water, food products, forestry products, liquid radioactive waste and other;
   - content of natural radionuclides K-40, Ra-226, Th-232;
   - ambient dose equivalent rate of gamma radiation.
Gamma spectrometer AT6101DR also is intended for identification of radionuclides: Cs-134, Cs-137, I-131, K-40, Ra-226, Th-232.
In situ measurements are made for 2π and 4π geometries without preliminary sampling
with GPS reference.

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Gamma spectrometer for field conditions



Operating principle

Detection unit in a shock-resistant, dust-and-moisture-proof container registers gamma radiation of controlled radionuclides.Detection device sends spectrometric data to hand-held PC (Tablet PC) by wireless communication channel for displaying on screen.

Instrumental spectra processing algorithm in hand-held PC (Tablet PC) software is capable to display radioisotope composition data as specific or surface activity of certain radionuclides or their concentration, specific effective activity of natural radionuclides.
Ambient gamma radiation dose equivalent rate value in inspection point is determined by instrument spectrum analysis with “spectrum-dose” operational function.

Radioactive anomalies are searched in integral count rate measurement mode.


Detector type

Scintillation NaI(Tl) Ø63x63 mm

Energy range

50 keV – 3 MeV

Measurement ranges (2π geometry)
- Surface activity of Cs-134 and Cs-137
- Specific activity of Cs-134 and Cs-137 by in situ method
- Specific effective activity of K-40, Ra-226, Th-232

4 – 3700 kBq/sq.m (0.1 – 100 Ci/
0.1 – 10 kBq/kg
0.05 – 1000 kBq/kg

Measurement ranges (4π geometry)
- Surface activity of Cs-134 and Cs-137
- Specific activity of I-131
- Specific effective activity of K-40, Ra-226, Th-232

0.05 – 1000 kBq/kg
0.03 – 1000 kBq/kg
0.05 – 1000 kBq/kg

Typical relative energy resolution at 661.7 keV from Cs-137

< 8%

Measurement range of ambient dose equivalent rate

0.03 – 130 µSv/h

Sensitivity to Cs-137 gamma radiation

≥2200 (cps/µSv)/h

Integral nonlinearity

±1 %

Protection class


Working temperature range


Overall dimensions, weight

Ø130x500 mm, 4.5 kg (Detection unit)
10'' (Tablet PC)

Internal battery run time

≥9 h

Number of ADC channels


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