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Mobile radiation scanning system

Radiation survey of the area in real time and search for gamma and neutron radiation sources with GPS referencing.

The system can be mounted on a motor vehicle, marine vessel or aircraft without any special tools.




  • User-selectable set of smart detection units

  • High system scalability in terms of sensitivity to gamma and neutron radiation

  • Automatic simultaneous gamma and neutron radiation scanning

  • Real-time display of measurement results with GPS referencing

  • Search and detection of radioactive sources and real-time identification of its isotopic composition

  • Storage and operation in protective shock-resistant cases

  • Assessment of surface contamination with Cs-137 radionuclide


Available monitors
(Each monitor may contain 1 – 3 detection units)

1. Gamma and neutron radiation monitor
∙ BDKG‑11M and/or BDKG‑19M – 1 – 3 units
∙ BDKN‑05 – 1–2 units
∙ BDKG‑04 – 1 unit
2. Neutron radiation monitor
∙ BDKN-05 – 1–3 units
3. Gamma radiation monitor
∙ BDKG‑28 – 1–3 units
4. Gamma radiation counting monitor
∙ BDRM‑05 – 1–2 units

Total maximum number of monitors in the system


The system AT6103 in "Search" mode detects gamma radiation source containing Cs-137 on distance 1m from surface of detection unit in less than 2s (P=0.95) in the following conditions:
∙ BDKG-11M
∙ BDKG-19М
∙ BDKG-28
∙ BDRM-05

450±10 kBq
300±10 kBq
105±5 kBq
100±5 kBq

The system AT6103 in "Search" mode detects Pu-Be source of neutron radiation on distance 1.25m from surface of detection unit in less than 3s (P=0.95) in the following conditions:
∙ BDKN-05

50000±12500 neutron/s

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