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Barrel-200L. Standard volumetric reference radionuclide source.

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The Barrel-200L is intended for calibration and control of the metrological parameters of a gamma spectrometers and radiometers, and also for estimating the uncertainty results during test methods of measurement of activity radionuclides in the sealed large volume containers.

Also the Barrel-200L is used as sealed radionuclide reference volumetric source of large volume for test of quality of measurements in inspection monitoring of laboratory work.


The Barrel-200L consists of:

 - Cylindrical steel container (barrel), volume 200 L;

 - Сonstruction for the installation sources (cross-bars, tubes, holders, fixing screws);

 - Spacers;

 - Capsules with radionuclide sources;

 - Fillers (sand, water, sawdust, polyethylene, chalk and etc.);

 - Documentation (Passport, Calibration certificate).


The Barrel-200L it is the volumetric radionuclide  reference source of special purposes. It is a steel cylindrical container of 200l barrels with open top cover. Inside the container is installed prefabricated structure that allows to randomly vary the location of sources and different fillers in the barrel.

The Barrel-200L has composed two sets of capsules 25 pieces (with low and high activity) and allows playback of a complex variable spatial arrangement of activity by the container volume.

The structure of the construction for installation sources is designed as two cross-shaped holders (upper and lower), between which is mounted stainless steel (or plastic) pipe  with a wall thickness of 1 mm.

The upper holder is fixed relative to the container wall by a special fixing screw. The design of the holder allows you to install it on the containers with different diameters.

The formed sequence of sources and spacers are placed in the tubes.

Each source is designed as a screw-tight capsule with volume of about 5 cm3.

The volume of the capsules is filled with an ion exchange resin onto which apply the radioactive isotopes. The sources may be interconnected using threaded connections.

Technical and metrological characteristics

Overall dimensions:

  • diameter of container (barrel)       573 mm

  • height of container (barrel)          892 mm

  • maximum height of  spacers       1427 mm

Assebled weight of the Barrel-200L   < 600kg

Maximum of total activity                   100MBq  (Cs-137, Co-60), can be changed

Minimum of total activity                   8kBq  (Cs-137, Co-60, Eu-152) , can be changed

Range of the filler density                  0,2 - 3,0 g/cm3

Expanded uncertaintyof the

radionuclide activity, k=2                    5%

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