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Cesium iodide crystals for gamma detectors


The detectors are designed for integration to measuring instruments of ionizing radiation.

The detectors are used for the registration and spectrometry of gamma radiation in the energy range from 0,05MeV to 8 MeV.

Crystal CsI(Tl)


Crystals CsI(Tl) are scintillators possessing high gamma quanta detection efficiency, therefore they are widely used for the detection and spectrometry of heavy charged particles. One of the positive features of these crystals is that it is almost non-hygroscopic. Small leaks will not lead to the destruction of a crystal. However for long use the crystal CsI(Tl) must be isolated in a dry environment.

Plastic properties of cesium iodide provide ease of its mechanical processing. The use of these crystals allows the manufacture of detectors of various shapes and sizes.


Density                                            4.51g/cm^3

Maximum radiation wavelength          550 nm

Light output                                     54 photon/keV

Refraction coefficient                         1.79

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