• Testing the location of the damage in case of complete and incomplete
    (with a large transient resistance) shorts to the housing of windings of armatures of DC machines with equalizers

  • Coil testing of electrical apparatuses and machines without a core

  • Testing insulation of the small and medium armatures of DC machines

  • Testing of the wiring insulation of stator sections of high-voltage electrical machines (before stacking in the stator and after stacking in the stator before soldering the winding)

Interturn short tester IVZ-2010

The Interturn short tester IVZ-2010 is designed to find the interturn and housing short circuit
in the windings of electrical machines during their manufacture, operation and repair,
as well as to assess the insulation status of this equipment.

  • Testing of the interturn and housing insulation, determination of the presence and the location of the short circuit,
    breakage of the winding wire, checking the correctness of the connections

  • Testing of the interturn and housing insulation of the windings of the turbogenerator rotors (without bandages) and the location of the damage

  • Testing of the wiring insulation of individual template sections (before grouting) of alternating and direct current machines

Interturn short tester IVZ-2010



Interturn short tester

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Technical and metrological characteristics

Range of output voltage, V

100 - 3000

Step of changing output voltage, V


Frequency of output pulses, Hz


Duration of the output pulses, μs
(in according with tested windings)

100 - 1000

Maximum pulse energy, J


Maximum output pulse current, A
(in case of short circuit)


Maximum rate of pulse current increasing, A/μs


Maximum of stored measurements


Relative error of measurements voltage and current pulses, %


Operation conditions
Ambient air temperature
Air relative humidity
Atm. pressure within the range, kPа

+10°C ... +30°C
45 ... 80%
84 ÷ 106.7

Protection class​


Overall dimensions WxHxL, cm

31 x 16 x 36.5

Weight, kg



Tester IVZ-2010 is manufactured on the modern element base and with using the special program
that provides reliable operation when finding the intertern and housing shorts for various types
of electrical machines with operating voltage up to 10 kV.

It can be DC and AC machines of any size and wide power range, as well as generators of various modifications and purposes. In order to work with a variety of electrical equipment the special devices have been created, which make
it possible to expand the versatility and range of application of this device.


The device provides a controlled output of a short-time signal (up to 10 μs at a frequency of 10 Hz) of high voltage (from 100 V to 3 kV), and further the processing of the current signal.

Indication of the processing result to the user interface is provided in two ways - on the LCD screen and using LEDs.

By comparing with the standard the device provides detection and localization of faults in the windings of electric machines.

The device operates on one of the selected measurement schemes, using appropriate tools :

   - Two-wire cable;
  - Double electromagnet;
  - Double probe;
  - Electromagnetic staples;
  - Rod electromagnet;
  - other.


Main control unit
Reference coil
Set of tools, consisting of:
- two-wire cable
- double electromagnet
- double probe
- electromagnetic staples (optional)
- rod electromagnet (optional)
Passport and User Manual