Low-background lead chambers for spectrometers

Low-background chamber
Low-background chamber
Typical dimensions
Low-background chamber
Typical dimensions
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The lead protective chamber (lead shielding) is an construction which includes the cylindrical housing placed on a steel frame filled with liners from absorbent materials that attenuate gamma radiation. The construction has a sliding cover, also filled with absorbent materials. Inside the chamber there is a place to install the HPGe detector and measured samples.


Types:  Standard and ultra low background

Absorption material:     Steel (Fe), Pure lead (Pb), Copper (Cu), Cadmium (Cd), Organic glass

The diameter of the inner wall of the chamber is 172 mm.
The height of the space inside the chamber is 254 mm.

Overall dimensions: 625х625х1350 mm.

The weight of the chamber is not more than 720 kg.

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