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Spectrometric analysis for mobile monitoring




The TRIO-MAP program is designed to be compatible with mobile spectrometric systems and other portable measuring devices manufactured by BSI, TALS, and other companies.

Mobile spectrometric systems are utilized to search for, localize, and examine radioactive contamination in operational or decommissioned nuclear power plants (NPP) to facilitate the clearance of such areas.


TRIO-MAP software is tailored for conducting measurements of gamma radiation energy distribution, identifying gamma-emitting radionuclides, and calculating specific and surface activity of naturally occurring gamma-emitting radionuclides, whether they are localized or widely dispersed.


Main functions

- spectrometer's control (start and stop measurements, reading spectra);

- spectrometer adjustment (gain control, measurement parameters);

- receiving data from navigation device (time, global and local coordinates, speed, etc.) ;

- visualization of acquisition spectra and tools for processing spectrum (peak searching, calculation of the peak areas, identification);

- calculation of values (activity (specific, surface), factor of conformity, dose rate,  values of uncertainties);

- signaling when exceeding the threshold;

- fast placement of the results in the table and on the map, as well as color differentiation data in according with level of the comparison;

- storage of the results to file and database;

- making reports and output data in third-party programs (excel and etc.).

Main advantages

- possibility to use with various analyzers and spectrometers;

- automatic upload parts of the map (satellite and usual) from internet and also from cache;

- work in static and dynamic mode (measurement on point and in motion).

​​​Main values measured

 - specific activity, Bq/kg;

 - surface activity, Bq/m2;

 - ambient equivalent dose rate, µSv/h;

 - conformity factors.

Additional values measured

 - local and global coordinates;

 - travel speed.

The demo version can get by making a request by e-mail info @


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