Chest and neck phantom


The Phantom is used for calibration of a whole body counters (WBC) for measuring the activity of radionuclides incorporated in human body with use of scintillation and semiconductor detectors of gamma-radiation in the energies range from 50 to 3000 keV.
The Phantom can be used in radiation medicine centers, nuclear power stations, research institutes, industrial hospitals and other institutions performing radiation monitoring of personnel and population, as well as by the Federal Agency for Technical regulation and metrology in order to comply with the Traceability Law.


Chest (with left and right lungs) and neck (with thyroid glands) phantoms.

The chest phantom is the construction from the polyethylene (polyurethane for  Am-241) units, which are the simulators of the adult man thorax. There is the polyurethane unit inside of the thorax simulator which is the lung simulator (2pcs). The radionuclides are distributed uniformly in the lung simulator.

The neck phantom consist reference volumetric sources (2pcs.) with radionuclide Ba-133 and it is simulator thyroid gland with incorporated radionuclide I-131.

The chest phantom has connecting places for install the neck phantom.

Standard values of activity

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The whole body phantoms can be provided for rent.

This phantom can be calculated using the MCC-MT software.

Chest and neck phantom
Chest and neck phantom
Universal whole body phantom with chest phantom
Chest and thyroid glands phantoms
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