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       MCC-MT.  Version 2022

Monte Carlo for simulation of spectra and efficiency by modelling of interaction the radiation with matter


Software package MCC-MT (Monte Carlo Calculation Multi Thread) is intended for 3D-modelling of physical experiments and calculation of radiation detectors response functions using Monte Carlo simulation method. Software MCC-MT based on multi-threading technology providing significant increasing the rate of simulation and getting fast result as spectrum. The MCC-MT does not require a knowledge of programming algorithmic languages, as e.g. GEANT4.
MCC-MT simulates interaction between gamma quanta, electrons, positrons and material in the energy range of 1 keV – 10 MeV. Transport processes for fast heavy charged particles are simulated in the energy range of 10 keV – 1 GeV.



• Monte Carlo simulation spectra of gamma, beta and alpha radiation

• calibration of instruments used for ionizing radiation detection and measurements

• alternative for using the BOMAB phantom, Universal whole body phatom UWBP and other phantoms

• calculation of detection limits and minimum detectable activity of radionuclides

• determination of a characteristics of a registration system for inaccessible radioactive sources

• reduction of experimental investigations with using the hazardous ionizing radiation for human health

• obtaining clear picture of the internal processes of radiation transfer in order to optimize the design of the measuring devices and their protection

• comparative demonstration of the different systems of protection against ionizing radiation and its detection systems

• training of personnel in working with ionizing radiation detection systems without using of an expensive equipment and radioactive sources

• training of specialists in the field of measurement and protection from ionizing radiation

• acceleration, simplification and reduction in the cost of design and optimization of ionizing radiation detection systems

• characterization detectors and detection systems

Special features

• high accuracy of calculations

• simplicity of using for a wide range of tasks

• detailed 3D-scene based on Open GL graphics technology providing maximum representation and visibility of modeling

• availability of replenished database of sources and materials

• possibility of creating the maximally complex measuring systems

• forming multidetector systems and schemes of coincidence

• display of the results in the form of an ideal and real spectrum

• tracing and drawing trajectories of particles during calculation process
• availability of the ready and test projects in the distributive package (HPGe, scintillation detectors, protective lead shielding, volumetric sources and samples, etc.)
• accounting cascade summation ('Full cascade' source type)
• using of the specified number of computer processors in order to implement multithreading and speed up the calculation
• automatic creation of efficiency curves
• network version for 2 and more PC is available
• compatible with software ASW2, GammaPro, AlphaPro
the results have been repeatedly confirmed in tests and applied tasks
• the new version adds convenient way of constructing the collimators with different number of holes (including conical) for a cylinder shape and and shift figure.


Energy range:  1 keV  -  10 МeV
Particles: photons, electrons (positrons), heavy charged particles
Figures: cylinder, cone, parallelepiped, torus, sphere, shift figure, rotation figure, polygon, disk.
Types of spectra:   linear, beta - continuous, continuous, full cascade.
Projects views:   contour, grid, fill with color, section,  fill + grid, section + fill with color.
Types of source geometries: point,  volumetric

Request characterization or modelling

If you have a task to characterize a detector or build a model of a detecting system, then you can order such service from us. This can be useful if you have not often tasks to characterize the detectors or you don't have time to build 3D-models in MCC-MT. We will be able to perform such work for you and provide all the necessary calculation results in electronic form (spectra, efficiency curve, 3D-model, etc.).

In order to request this procedure, you should write us email and provide available information about your detection system or fill out the form by clicking the button below. Also it is possible to send us file *.mcp which made in demo version MCC-MT for calculation.

MCC-MT simple project

MCC-MT simple project

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