Liquid scintillation spectrometer TRIEL

New liquid scintillation spectrometer - radiometer is intended for measure beta and alpha radionuclides in samples (H-3, C-14, Sr-90, Cs-137 and etc.).

The famous SpectraDec software for liquid scintillation analysis also suitable for using with TRIEL

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We have updated our site TALS.EU

We are pleased to announce that the website of our company has been updated. We will be glad to see our customers on

TRIEL - liquid scintillation spectrometer

​We are glad to introduce new liquid scintillation spectrometer - radiometer TRIEL for measure beta and alpha radionuclides in samples (especcially H-3, C-14, Sr-90, and etc.). The spectrometer now is available for order. The famous software for liquid scintillation analysis also suitable for using with TRIEL.  

New Mobile Radiation Scanning System AT6103

Mobile system AT6103 is designed for ground radiation survey and search for gamma and neutron radiation sources with GPS-mapping.

The system can be mounted on a motor vehicle, marine vessel or aircraft carrier with no need for any special tools.

The system need no connection to on-board power of the carrier, though can be controlled and managed by operator as well.

New address

TALS Oy informs that office moved to new location:

Merikasarminkatu 12 L 4, 00160, Helsinki, Finland

All-in-one gamma spectrometer AirSPEC for harsh environment

TALS Oy informs that we have new spectrometric and radiometric equipment in our products.

It is the all-in-one gamma spectrometer AirSPEC for automated radiation environment monitoring for using in harsh conditions (temperature -40°C - + 60°C, IP68).

New software ASW2 version 2017

TALS Oy is glad to present new version of the software ASW2 with version 2017.

Updated software ASW2 has new modern interface and tools for spectrometric



The company TALS Oy is pleased to introduce the software SpectraDec, which is intended to work with liquid scintillation spectrometers of all models in particular the Tri-Carb, Guardian, Quantulus and etc. This software allows analyzing quickly the complex spectra in an automatic mode, including spectra with low statistics and a high level of superposition of the spectra of the individual radionuclides.


TALS Oy inform that new software TRIO-MAP was added to our products.

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